About us


We create furniture. Using cardboard.

We give new life to a strong natural material, cardboard. Cardboard gives us endless design possibilities thanks to its strength and resilience. Our furnitures are designed to match classical, modern and work spaces. Products are fully customizable in size, color and graphics. We a able to create tailor made products for fairs and events upon request. Our products are the perfect example of green hi tech Made in Italy design.

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Our creative flow


Starting from the idea...

First key step, to sketch on sheet to fix the idea. At this step coffee is my source of inspiration.


Put it into practice...

All products are designed and tested using a 3D software to reduce the waste of materials and to save developing time. We use 3d virtual residential space to evaluate the design.


Make it real....

We build up our furnitures one by one. Previous 3d work guarantees the perfect result.